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Meet Dawn Precour From NC Credentialing Services

Greetings! A little bit about me. My name is Dawn Precour and I have a fabulous husband named Leslie (Les). We moved to Wilkes County 8 years ago from Asheville. Les is a mental health therapist at the Wilkes County Health Department. We live in North Wilkesboro with our 4 rescue cats who all have a story that will now have a happy ending.

I started a business called NC Credentialing Services LLC. I am the credentialing guru for many mental health therapists in North Carolina. What is credentialing you ask? This means going through the process of becoming a member of an insurance panel. The ultimate goal is to be listed as an in-network therapist by a specific insurance company. I work with commercial insurances as well as the nine companies in NC where a person could receive their Medicaid insurance from.

I work with an individual therapist in a solo practice and I also work with large group practices that employ many therapists. I’ve worked in the mental health field for 30 years. My primary focus was working with adopted children who had experienced significant trauma (before being adopted) that affected their ability to attach to their adopted family. I worked with children and families from all over the world. While this work was deeply satisfying and remains a passion of mine, it was time for me to transition to a different role in the mental health field.

Being a solopreneur and an extravert, I discovered that working from my home office was very isolating and not a good long-term plan for me. I just happened to discover Masthead Coworking space. When I walked in, I knew immediately that I found an amazing fit! It has truly been a game-changer for me.

The Masthead Coworking community is vibrant and very welcoming. The energy is contagious. Being around people who are involved with so many amazing projects, businesses, and ideas energizes me. It is a fabulous space for collaborating, connecting, and meeting new people. When I need to buckle down and work, I have everything I need to do so, including tasty coffee and perfect ice. I now work a hybrid schedule and knowing that I am part of the Masthead Coworking community has elevated my well-being and fills me with the excitement of possibilities.

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