Meet Barry Mitchell From
Mitchell Moving Company

Here at Masthead Coworking, we’re more than just a building. Yes, we have an espresso machine with local coffee, comfy chairs, spacious meeting rooms, and everything you need to maximize your workday. But without our community members, Masthead would feel empty. We are thrilled to introduce another member who helps create our welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

Barry Mitchell

Recently, our Community Coordinator, Michael Davis, had the pleasure of sitting down with Barry Mitchell from Mitchell Moving Company to learn more about him, his adventurous side, and his love for Wilkes County.

Outside of work, Barry is an outdoor enthusiast and skilled in bushcraft, using survival techniques and tools in the wild. If there were betting odds, they’d favor Barry to survive any climate, especially since he’s braved the wilds of Alaska! Yet his heart has always belonged to the place he was born and raised: Wilkes County.

Barry Mitchell currently owns Mitchell Moving Company, but that wasn’t always the case. At one point, Barry was working six jobs. One of these jobs was helping Anchor Coffee grow in its early stages, the same coffee we use in our facility. Barry takes his coffee very seriously, especially the latte art. He is our resident “Espresso Aficionado” in our coworking space.

His moving company is based on four core values:

  1. Caring for people.
  2. Be there soon.
  3. Do better.
  4. We are ready.

Barry truly embodies these values in his own life. If you’ve ever met him, you know he has a heart for people and engages with members daily at Masthead. Barry is consistently prompt and reliable, always seeking ways to innovate and improve his business. He comes prepared for whatever the day brings, and his dedication never goes unnoticed.

Mitchell Moving Company loading boxed into moving truck

Barry has a genuine passion for helping people, and we’re delighted that he discovered our facility through his time at Flywheel, an affiliate coworking network with a reciprocity program, at it’s Winston-Salem location. If you see him around Masthead Coworking, start up a conversation by asking him about the time he tried a fish cheek!

If you’re not yet a member and haven’t visited our space, mention this post and drop by for a quick tour. No matter when you come, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of our amazing members, like Barry, here at Masthead Coworking!

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