Meet Chris Beckwith-Taylor from GREENstick Marketing

Hey there! I’m Chris Beckwith-Taylor, your friendly digital marketing guru, the mind behind GREENstick Marketing. We’ve been on an exciting journey of digital revolution, helping businesses conquer the online world with effective strategies and tools. It’s been quite a ride, and I’ve loved it! Recently, we made a move to the fantastic Masthead Coworking space. Let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. The energy here is contagious, and the collaboration vibes are off the charts. This place is like our creative playground, where ideas bounce around, and magic...

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Gifts for Remote Workers

Our friends at Flywheel Coworking, where Masthead members have reciprocal space use, are sharing their favorite gifts for remote workers with you. Do you have a remote worker on your gift list? Whether an entrepreneur, work-from-home employee of a larger company, or startup founder, people who work remotely have a unique set of needs. At Flywheel Coworking, we are always intrigued by the handy gadgets, organizers, and accoutrement people who have the freedom to work from anywhere bring to the space to help them work smarter. Here are 5 Flywheel Faves with shopping links included. For the Founder Traction The...

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Understanding Total Cost of Occupancy: Why Coworking Is More Affordable Than You Think

At Masthead Coworking, we often hear from potential customers who are comparing the costs of coworking to traditional subleases for office space. While it’s true that coworking might appear more expensive upfront, we believe in providing a complete picture of the costs involved. That’s where the concept of Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO) comes in. What is the Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO)? TCO is a financial metric that takes into account all the expenses associated with occupying office space, beyond just the rent. It’s a comprehensive way to understand the true cost of a workspace...

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Redefining Your Workday, Your Way

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