Meet Victoria A. Brooks from High Country Estate Law

Victoria A. Brooks is the founding and sole attorney at High Country Estate Law. Victoria is a dedicated attorney who is passionate about working towards the goals of her clients and enjoys breaking the mold of what most people think about lawyers. Her goal is always to be approachable, understanding, and show clients that she cares about their interests.


“Starting my own law practice was a huge move for me professionally, there were a lot of logistics I had to figure out. One of those being – where is my office going to be? Because of Masthead, I found a quick and complete solution to a big part of planning for my business and knew that I had an office, furniture, Wi-Fi, and other amenities all in one. Once I started doing business in the Masthead, that is where I found the best part of all – the sense of community and networking opportunities. I have grown my professional network immensely and have even been a part of more community events that I would not have been aware of since joining the Masthead.”

Previously working at an office with several people I always had the opportunity to chat with others and get to know them. Before I started at the Masthead, I wasn’t sure if I would have that opportunity in the near future because I was going to be a solo practitioner now, to me that meant no more firm lunches or Christmas parties because it was just going to be me. Shortly after I started at the Masthead found out that we would be having a chili cooking competition and a Christmas party the next month and the best news is, that over 30 people participated! This really encouraged me and showed me the sense of community the Masthead has built, while we are all busy professionals, we still have time to get together.”

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